WEB API MT4/MT5 – our own development

We created this product, focusing on maximum ease of installation and configuration, as well as solving a number of problems:

  • It would eliminate the use of server-side plug-in MT4 / MT5, which will significantly reduce burden on the trade server.
  • Radically reduce the threshold be able to integrate trading servers and web services, allows you to develop and connect customers with the necessary functionality quickly and easily.
  • Reduce the cost of development and / or integration with other services at the expense of refusal from hiring expensive C / C ++ developers.
  • Simplify development through the use of more convenient SOAP protocol.

Functions Web Api МТ4/5 service allows:

The main advantage of the product – it’s easy to configuration and use, simplification and cost-reduction for development of external services process, easy SOAP interface

  • Open trade accounts
  • Receive and modify trade accounts info
  • Make balance and credit operations
  • Change email, leverage, group, general and investor’s trade account passwords
  • Open and close balance and credit orders
  • Send terminal mail
  • Implement internal transfers between accounts, crediting and debiting of funds

Your Economies Of Scale Working With Us

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