3 Tips On Getting Ahead As A White-Label

Starting a white-label can be daunting if you don’t really know what to do or how to start, and even when you know, there are many suggestions of what is good or bad. In helping over 75 white-lables become profitable we have the following five tips which gives you and advantage: 1) Office Myth: Most people starting up the forex or brokerage industry believe the first order of business is to have an office. This isn’t really the case because your clients are mostly remote based and in most cases international. So we advise you first start by building a good client base that generates a good revenue on a monthly bases before having an office. So the first six to twelve months should be focused on building your client base and revenues and once you have had a good revenue source then look for an office. 2)Hiring Brokers: When you are starting off you don’t need to spend money on hiring brokers, what you should focus on is on getting affiliates to partner with you. Once you have a good relationship with affiliates, they tend to deliver better results than brokers because they are paid on performance only. So rather than jump straight into a hiring process we advise that you as the business owner focus on building your affiliate relations. Of course if you have money then go for the hiring process. 3)Expensive To Set-Up: Our experience has proven that each time people thought of owning their own brokerage, the thought of the expenses alone keeps them away. However with several decades of experience in the field we know that is absolutely false. We advise those aspiring entrepreneurs to start off with just a grey-label which costs less than $2000 to set up and less than $500 to maintain. But if you have a bit more money then you can start off with a White-Label which will cost about $15000 or less to start up and about $7000 or less to maintain monthly. We hope this has given you an idea of what to expect and how to get round some of the myths.