PAMM & MAM Services


PAMM & MAM Services

We offer PAMM & MAM Services

The Apollo Markets PAMM/MAM system is not just any kind of ordinary platform, it is a robust system designed to give money managers the flexibility and assurance of proper risk management and performance and fee allocations. Our systems ensure that the investor decides for themselves what risk profile suits them before investing and once the conditions are set, our systems run smoothly and automatically without any glitches unless adjusted by the client or manager.

PAMM/MAM platform of Apollo Markets is the most advanced and flexible software on the market right now. Depending on regulation and clients’ requests you can bring any business model to it: from retail social trading to institutional hedge fund or prop trading company.

Our Social Trading system allows for clients to copy successful traders and have performance fees automatically managed and disbursed.

Social Trading (copier)

Copier is the base for creation of social trading platform. Managers trade and collect statistics, investors see rating, choose managers and connect their accounts to them.

  • Any MT4 Accounts You can use standard MT4 accounts as Master or follower’s account. No additional groups is needed.
  • Full Freedom Investor choose a manager from a rating by his own. He can connect his investment account to 2 or more master accounts simultaneously and change different risk ratios for their orders.


The most popular way of running platform in strict regulations like Cysec, FCA, ASIC.

  • Full control Manager choose by his own on what investment accounts and how to allocate his orders. He also can activate and deactivate investors via his manager’s terminal.
  • Cysec, ASIC, FCA compliant Broker has full control and connects/disconnects investors from manager via Admin Panel.

Manager can activate and deactivate investors from his manager’s interface.


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Classical PAMM-scheme when master account consists of several investment account (like investment fund).

  • One manager – one account All trading is conducted on Master account. Investors cannot trade on their accounts.
  • Fees payments and deposit/withdrawal operations are fully automated. Spend your resources on marketing not routine.

Our PAMM Systems Have The Following Advantages:

A) Saving you cost by working with us you will save an average of $53400 a year

B) All our systems have ready interfaces for integration

C) Our systems have automated risk management settings for traders and investors.

D) We have integrated partnership programs

Here brokers or IBs can work together to get one big client and all will be paid according to their agreed fee schedule.

In this case several IBs can introduce several clients to one manager and all will be paid according to the agreed percentages with the manager.

All our systems ensure a happy outcome for all participants.

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