Legal Financial Services


Legal and Financial Services

At Apollo Markets we work as a one-stop-shop for all your brokerage requirements that’s why we also provide legal and financial services to help you get started with efficiency covering all areas. Therefore we provide the following services:

A) Company Formations and Registration:

We understand registering a company and deciding its structure can sometimes be a tedious task, so why not let us help? Working with legal experts Apollo Markets can help you incorporate your company in an on-shore or off-shore jurisdiction.

Our prices are very competitive and are all dependent on your chosen jurisdictions for incorporation. Because of our years in company formations, we always get the best prices and save all our clients an average of $2000. For more information and to get your company up and running in less than a week let us know and we will gladly help.

B) Licenses and Regulations:

Today lots of jurisdictions regulate investment and brokerage services in particular. We have accumulated experience of best practices and precisely defined the optimum license for you.

European regulators, such as CySec, Bulgaria regulators, Lithuania, Latvia and others have a number of advantages at relatively low cost, while at the same time, Labuan and Belize regulators are more loyal to monitoring and reporting.

Every jurisdiction has its advantages and limitations, Apollo Markets focuses on the benefits based on your business model to deliver you a satisfactory solution.

C) Opening of Company Bank Accounts:

One of the most challenging task for every new brokerage is finding a bank willing to work with them. Our years of experiencing in setting up brokerages have given us a great reputation with a variety of banks in several jurisdictions. Our banking partners welcome our clients with open arms and are faithful and loyal in performing their operations to the extent that our clients require. We work with several European banks and several off-shore banks where your brokerage funds can be held and you can receive and process wire transfers and settlements.

D) Merchant Accounts:

Working with a variety of merchants Apollo Markets provides you with merchant services which will be directly linked to your bank accounts. Our merchant services facilitate settlements as a result facilitate your operations giving you greater efficiency. This service allows your clients to be able to make deposits and withdrawals easily and all in a fully automated manner. This process can be quite a tedious and cumbersome one, usually because the banks will check and recheck to ensure that the website processing the money is not a scam website so as to protect both clients and owners of brokerages, in most cases doing this on your own will prove futile, that’s why most of our partners rely on us to help them set up such services.

E) Payment Systems and Gateways (PSP)W

Working for several years we have observed some clients give up on their dreams of owning a brokerage just because they can’t find a PSP or payment gateway. The industry is so concerned about providing this service to the wrong kind of individuals as much fraud has been committed through psp. However with after setting up over thirty brokerages and funds, our payment gateway providers trust the authenticity of our clients and as such its always much easier letting our experts help you integrate a PSP into your brokerage. This also adds value and gives your clients peace of mind.

It is common knowledge that a partner, particularly financial, is required to be reliable. If he is not – it is a problem.

We will not tolerate choice of unfair financial partner and choose the best payment systems and methods for them, based on the business objectives, geography of payments receiving, the size and frequency of payments, and many other factors, reducing your risk to a minimum.

All our partners have a perfect business reputation, wise ways of funds acceptance and withdrawal, and, of course, good conditions. Among them, European, Asian, Russian and American companies that provide services in the field of processing online payments for online businesses from various industries.

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