About Us


Apollo Markets is solely a Technology re-seller or commercial Technology Agent. Our business is based on working with various technology providers in the Fintech, Money and Capital Markets arena. We source the best technology and offer to our clients at the most competitive rates across the markets.

We act as agents or re-sellers for brokerage turnkey solutions, white labels, cryptocurrency exchanges, IB Systems, Affiliate systems, Money Management Systems, PAMM/MAM systems, Back-Offices etc. With decades of experience in the Forex, Fintech, Money and Capital Markets, the team at Apollo Markets is focused on serving your needs. We are committed to source the best trading technologies for your brokerage, Investment Fund, Money Management Business or Private Fund.

Dealing with us, you will soon find out our bespoke services are always tailored to meet your needs. You tell us what you need, and we search among our partners who can offer it you at the most competitive price. Once we match your needs to a provider, an introduction is made directly to the provider and remain at your disposal for any further help and support you may require thereafter.

Our goal is to ensure your end users are happy which intend makes you as the business owner happy as well as us.

Speak to us today about your needs.