WEB API MT4/MT5 – our own development

Cloud Apollo Bridge is a brand new solution made for connecting to liquidity providers and connecting trading systems between each other and software for:

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 liquidity translation for you clients
  • Fast and high quality routing of orders to liquidity provider
  • Processing of A-Book and B-book pool of orders of your clients
  • Company’s risk management settings and maintenance of its performance

How Apollo Markets Cloud Works

Central management system is responsible for management of nodes, tracking of nodes’ condition, launch and stop of tasks on nodes, balancing the load between them. Web application for settings is responsible for the changes of any system options, account management and management of routing settings request.

Key Solutions Provided by Apollo Markets Cloud

Search and maintenance of high quality liquidity

Apollo Market Cloud allows you to get a quality price feed from liquidity providers, customized as per your request. Price feed is translated directly from liquidity providers that carefully look after its quality; product’s software allows you to avoid non-market price stuffing.

Secure and quick execution of A-book pool of orders of your clients

A big variety of routing settings allows you to choose a specific liquidity provider for transferring orders of a specific client. If the routing rules for a client are not defined, then order will be transferred to a liquidity provider with the best execution price at that moment.

Risk-management scheme with advanced settings for B-Book pool of clients

Apollo Market Cloud allows you to get a quality price feed from liquidity providers, customized as per your request. Price feed is translated directly from liquidity providers that carefully look A big variety of settings for executing rules of your client’s orders from B-Book pool allows you to create an individual scheme of risk-management.


Liquidity aggregator

This module is responsible for the pricing of liquidity feed in accordance with the specified parameters.


Router aggregator is responsible for orders allocation among connected liquidity providers with A-Book and orders dispatch of B-Book clients as per routing parameters settings

Reconciliation module

While working with aggregated liquidity trading orders of A-Book-pool traders can be executed on different Liquidity Providers depending on the open or close order. In a situation when the best open price is provided by one LP, and a best close price is provided by another LP, in the case of closed position by trader broker gets two multidirectional opened positions on two different LPs with the same volume. These positions are closed manually or automatically with the help of Reconciliation module.

Pricing policy adjustment module

Pricing policy adjustment module (Pricing policy) is responsible for making the necessary changes in aggregated price feed with Markup method, spreads settings, etc.

Data feed

This module transmits the generated flow of first and second level on the client’s trading server with the help of B2Bridge or through a FIX API connection.

B-Book controller

It is responsible for the orders execution of B-Book-pool traders. It is flexibly adjusted in accordance with the scheme of the client’s risk management. It is an analogue of the virtual dealer.

FIX connection module

This module is responsible for communication with the client through the FIX protocol. Admission and data transmission is performed in accordance with the FIX API specification.

Bridge functions realization module

This module is responsible for the redirection of client’s orders to liquidity providers, followed by a response sent to the Client’s trading server. It has functionality that allows spreading of the Client’s positions on several liquidity providers, if one of them did not have the volume to open at the best price and the order was executed not in full volume. Carrying out these functions in a single module allows faster processing of orders of traders

Module-adaptors of MT 4 and MT 5 trading servers connection

These modules are responsible for communication with the MetaTrader servers. They transfer requests of MetaTrader trading servers to a unified set of commands and back. Transfer is done “on the fly” and carried out immediately.

Reporting module

This module is responsible for the output of connection status to the liquidity providers data, trading operations performed and their counterparts, summary reports on the carried out operations

How You Can Work With Our Cloud Services

There are three principal ways you can work with our cloud services:

  • By purchasing DMA Liquidity from Apollo Markets you get Cloud Apollo Markets for free. We set up and configure Bridge and liquidity within 30 minutes. If you won’t like any of our liquidity providers in our pool, we can disconnect it or connect any other on your request. On the contrary we can also make one of our liquidity providers an exclusive provider just for you.
  • 2) If you want to connect liquidity provider by yourself and to work with it, you’ll need a Bridge that connects liquidity provider with your trading server. If the provider is already integrated with our system, the direct connection will not take more than 5 minutes considering that you already have an account there. If the provider is not integrated in our system yet, the process will take up to one work week including integration and connection tests.
  • 3) If you have decided not to purchase our DMA Liquidity and use only our aggregation technology and work directly with liquidity providers, then you can purchase our White Label solution. The price will depend on the set up work volume and the negotiable price for monthly technical support.

Your Economies Of Scale Working With us